Hey Rebels, hope you’re all doing well! Me and the boys have been getting a lot of questions recently regarding our forthcoming, debut EP. “What does the new material sound like?” “Is it Heavier?” “Is it Poppier?” “How many tracks are on it?” I wanted to take this time to answer some of your…

DAVEY SUICIDE - “Grab A Gun & Hide Your Morals” Official Music (by daveysuicide666)

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We routinely get questions on where you can get Standby Records CD’s and EPs.

Contrary to anything you have read online or heard in interviews:  The truth is we have the very same distribution as any major label, in fact, our distribution company, Victory, actually puts all our product through SONY/RED.

SONY/RED is the largest independent distribution company in the World.

Any store from a Target to Hot Topic to Best Buy down to the mom and pop shops carry our music.  If you don’t see a title/Artist when browsing, just ask someone in the store and they can order what you need immediately.

Furthermore, our digital distribution and worldwide distribution is second to none. Our albums/Artists are available in every country and on all digital retailers like Itunes, Amazon, etc.

Some bigger retailers like Wal Mart, Target, etc, have been downsizing their shelf space and not taking as much music related product since the advent of the internet and downloading of music.  This does not mean the stores do not or will not get our titles/Artists it just means they are very selective and tend to take the very top tier Top 40 Pop albums.  You can always order the album you want from any of aforementioned large retailers and they can get it straight from our distributor in a matter of days.

If you have any problems finding our titles or any questions, please feel free to email

Thanks for your continued support of Standby and our bands! 

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Hey Standby fans, we will start making use of of our new tumblr. account soon!